Cash On Delivery is available Nationwide

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Once orders have been processed, & dispatched to you. Cancellation will be not possible

Q. My product arrived damaged? Should I get in compensation?

A. No. If a product is faulty or damaged upon arrival, we encourage you to return the product to courier services at the time of receiving.

Q. How Can I make TCL Account?

A. You can make a free TCL account, just go to and click on the “Create an Account” and filled the required information & your account will be created.

Q. What is the benefit of me creating an account?

A. If you have a TCL Account, you can enjoy

  1. Track Order & product registration
  2. New Product Launch Information
  3. Exclusive Offer and Perks


Q. What are the payment methods available?

A. They are three payment methods available

  1. Cash on Delivery
  2. Bank Deposit
  3. Debit/Credit Card


Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive after I make payment?

A. The order will be received within three to five working days upon payment verification depending on the volume of orders received.

If you experience delays in receiving your order, contact us immediately and we will help to confirm the status of your order. For complete information, please read Shipping Policy

Q. How can I change my shipping address?

A. By default, the last used shipping address will be saved into your store account. When you are checking out your order, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it if you need to.

Q. How can I track my orders & payment?

A.After logging into your account, the status of your checkout history can be found under Order History. You can also track the order, go to the home page, click on the Track order

Q. How I know, my order is successfully placed?

A. You will get an order confirmation email.

Q. What should I do if my parcel arrives damaged?

A. Please refuse to accept if the parcel is damaged.