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TCL Strengthens its Innovations in Premium Home Theater and Smart Appliances with Announcements at IFA 2022 Press Conference

TCL Strengthens its Innovations in Premium Home Theater and Smart Appliances with Announcements at IFA 2022 Press Conference

TCL Electronics (1070. HK), one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics brand, held an international press conference at IFA 2022 in Berlin, showcasing its latest innovations, including a new flagship RAY•DANZ soundbar, an XL Collection of Mini LED and QLED TVs in Europe, and newest A energy class washing machines. TCL also showcased its latest sports sponsorships and sustainability commitments. Through continuous innovation and investment in new technologies, TCL keeps growing and expanding the potential to transform more aspects of everyday life and bring incredible value to a vast and diverse customer base worldwide. 

To Offer a Premium Immersive Home Theater Experience 

As a leading consumer electronics company and one of the world's best-selling brands, TCL is committed to delivering even more innovative premium TVs to consumers.

Today, TCL is exceeding customer expectations by raising the benchmark for premium home theatre experience. At IFA 2022, TCL showcased the EISA Premium Mini LED TV C835, an all-around 4K Mini LED TV with fantastic picture quality paired with Dolby Atmos for immersive sound. To bring the cinema into homes and offer a comprehensive, immersive experience, TCL went ahead with 98-inch QLED TV and the introduction of its latest XL Collection TV to Europe.

In audio, TCL introduced the newest flagship X937U soundbar with exclusive RAY•DANZ technology, alongside the EISA Best Buy Soundbar C935U with RAY•DANZ Dolby Atmos. 

For an expansive viewing environment, TCL also presented its TCL NXTWEAR Wearable Display Glasses with upgrades that enrich the user experience. Easy to use and light, weighing just 75g, the smart glasses give an incredible feeling of viewing a 140-inch screen 4 meters away.

Given its global success, TCL is confident that business momentum will continue to deliver innovative premium TVs to its customers worldwide. 

For TCL, user experience at the heart of every innovation is fundamental to the company's values and vision. 

To Enable an Intelligent Lifestyle 

TCL's design and development vision for its multi-category products are to bring the 'Intelligent Lifestyle' customer experience to more and more homes. With TVs at the heart of the TCL home ecosystem, TCL makes home life more intelligent, environment-friendly, connected, and enjoyable for its customers. 

From the proprietary FreshIN air conditioner and washing machine to an assortment of refrigerators, air purifiers, and robot vacuums, TCL provides products that connect seamlessly and are easy to use. With home appliances that win awards for their design, TCL offers technology and stylish pieces of furniture to blend into any home décor. 

To Be Sustainable and Responsible

As a responsible company with a global footprint, TCL acknowledges its commitments extend well beyond developing and selling products to its customers. 

Responsible environmental stewardship is of critical importance. TCL is taking comprehensive steps in every area of its operations to ensure a sustainable future and allocate dedicated resources to research and development in this area.

Further, investment in the photovoltaics sector to produce cleaner and greener energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been a priority. TCL has a strong track record in sustainability. Its products have met and exceeded environmental standards. It oversees the manufacturing process to reduce energy usage, remove hazardous substances and keep conflict minerals out of the supply chain. It also advocates for green packaging and plans to increase the volume and quality of its electronics recycling programs.

This year, TCL will launch more energy A-class products to help its consumers develop a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, TCL France is supporting the Polar Pod scientific expedition led by famous french doctor and explorer Jean-Louis Etienne to explore the Southern Ocean. 

As an expedition sponsor, TCL France provides financial support to the Polar Pod teams. It will promote this great expedition to the public.

To Inspire Greatness in Life Proactive, Fashionable, Innovative, and Intelligent

TCL introduced a new brand signature, Inspire Greatness, earlier this year; TCL dedicates itself to unleashing the most inspiring moments in people's lives (proactive, fashionable, innovative, and intelligent moments). 

TCL also brings excitement to customers through its relationships with trusted names in entertainment, sports, gaming, and technology. TCL has been a global partner of FIBA since 2018 and is proud to support the FIBA EuroBasket Championship this September, where European basketball fans will get to watch the FIBA EuroBasket Championship in their homes, starting today and taking place in Germany, Italy, Georgia, and the Czech Republic.  

Ahead of the much-anticipated world football event later this year, TCL had some exciting news to share with a surprise video reveal of the 2022 TCL Team.

The new football sponsorships include Brazilian player Rodrygo, English player Phil Foden, Raphael Varane from France, and the rising Spanish star Pedri.

The 2022 TCL Team will bring excitement and happiness worldwide through the world's most popular sports and entertainment TV experiences. 

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TCL Electronics (1070. HK) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. TCL specializes in researching, developing, and manufacturing consumer electronics products ranging from TVs to audio and intelligent home appliances.