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The future of entertainment has arrived. It's time to upgrade your home theatre with the new TCL 4K Google TV C635!

The future of entertainment has arrived. It's time to upgrade your home theatre with the new TCL 4K Google TV C635!


 The future of entertainment has arrived. It's time to upgrade your home theatre with the new TCL 4K Google TV C635. This Smart TV is designed to be the centrepiece of your living room, offering you fully immersive entertainment with its brilliant picture quality, powerful speakers, and intuitive remote control. Plus, it comes with a built-in camera that makes it easy to connect with friends on social media or watch movies together over Facetime—all from the comfort of your living room! 

 The Basics 

 This television is a 4K QLED Smart TV with Google Assistant. If you're unfamiliar with what "QLED" means, it stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. This technology involves emitting light from a special nanocrystal layer that's applied to the screen, giving it a much more vibrant and accurate picture than other types of TVs on the market today. 

 This model is not just for watching TV; It also has built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, which allow you to stream content from your mobile device or computer onto your TV screen via a Wi-Fi connection. 

 The TCL C635 has equipped with Dolby Vision·Atmos display modes that deliver deeper blacks and brighter colours than traditional TVs without losing details in shadows or highlights—offering consumers an unmatched viewing experience unlike anything seen before! 

 Hardware Specs 

 With the TCL Google TV C635, you can expect a stunning 4K QLED display that will make your screen look stunningly beautiful. The smart TV also has a quad-core processor and 16GB of storage. It comes with Dolby Vision and DTS HD sound.

 The TCL Google TV C635 uses Dolby Vision HDR to deliver amazing picture quality that's more accurate than ever before. Onkyo speakers, which are specially designed for sound clarity and precision, allow a more realistic Dolby Atmos sound experience at home.  

 You'll see brighter whites and darker blacks, as well as more vibrant colours on this smart TV from TCL, compared to other models without them. It also features Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology, which makes it possible for you to enjoy even more shades of colour than ever before!

Design Features 

 The C635 is designed to be a smart TV that's easy to use and looks great on your wall. It has a clean, modern look with a slender bezel that creates an immersive viewing experience. It is designed around a bezel-less display, using the screens in front and behind the device to allow for a wide range of viewing angles.  

 The frame itself is made from metal with diamond-cut edges, giving it an elegant look that fits nicely into any living room setting. It also has an adjustable stand width.  

 The remote control is made of metal and feels great in your hand. The remote has dedicated buttons for Google Assistant and Chromecast, making it easy to access content from any source on the internet via your phone or tablet—or right on the big screen with Chromecast built-in, which is something not typically seen on remotes at this price point! 

 Smart Services 

 Google TV  

If you’re a fan of Google and its smart services, the TCL 4K Google TV is a great option for you. With this device, you can access all your favourite apps, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s easy to use with just one hand and has a remote control that lets you navigate through menus with ease. 

 Ok Google  

With this feature, all you have to do is say “Ok Google” into the remote control or your voice assistant of choice (Siri or Alexa), and then search for what you want on your screen! To get things started: go into Settings > Search & Assistant > Voice Control > On-Screen Remote Control and toggle it on. 

 Google Duo  

This app comes pre-installed on this device so that all users can start making video calls right away without having to download anything else first! It has excellent quality as well as filters that allow users to make sure their videos won't look blurry during calls, so they can feel confident showing off their best side every time someone asks them why they're late again at work today. 


In terms of connectivity, the TCL Mini LED TV C635 has all you need to connect it to your other devices. It supports Wi-Fi 5 (2.4G+5G) and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity, HDMI 2.1*1+HDMI2.0*2 for wired connectivity, and USB 2.0*1+USB3.0*1 for wired device connection with the help of an adapter cable or dongle. 

A Big Upgrade

The TCL Google TV C635 is the latest model in the series. It’s better at handling performance and has a more advanced display.  

The TCL Google TV C635 is part of a new generation of smart TV--it's built on the Google TV system and supports the Google Assistant, Google Play, and Chromecast so you can stream shows, movies, music, and games.  

The TCL C635 TV has been honed to be the best mid-range TV money can buy. They're packed full of technology that improves picture quality: 4K resolution (3120 x 1440 pixels), HDR support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content, and wide colour gamut (WCG) capabilities thanks to quantum dot technology which enhances colour saturation in both dark and bright areas on the screen, so they look more vibrant than ever before; They also have 120Hz DLG with micro dimming zones. 


 If you're looking to upgrade your television, you'll see that the TCL 4K Google TV C635 is a product that's designed for a better watching experience. The latest version of this model has everything you need to get started: Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos Sound, and even built-in Chromecast functionality. It comes in all the sizes (75/65/55/50/43) that will best suit your needs. Get one in your local store or order it online from